Antea Digitalizes AIM Platform in 8 Gas Storage Plants

Antea Digitalizes AIM Platform in 8 Gas Storage Plants

Our customer in Italy was seeking to transition to a digital asset management platform that would support easy access to information and ultimately deliver a single interface for team collaboration and documentation. The chosen solution required the capability to streamline and digitalize data requirements for 8 natural gas storage facilities.

Our customer was impressed with Antea’s diversity and scalability, offering a flexible inspection and asset management model, that would make instantly accessible asset documentation, inspection reports, 3D models, smart P&ID’s and Digital Twin.

They faced many challenges coordinating its plant maintenance work at its gas storage sites, old facilities with limited access to documentation.

Choosing a scaled approach to an extraordinarily complex situation, the following steps were taken:

2010: The P&ID’s were ingested to Antea Platform autonomously tagging all asset ID’s from the layers in .dwg drawings. This created the most accurate asset registry for the sites. This also created a visualization of all items subject to PED requirements and the asset hierarchy.

2014-2016: Antea was awarded a project to perform the laser scanning point cloud data, 3D modeling and documents update of all 8 natural gas storage plants and compressor stations. The goal was to create the as-built situation of the plants and to have an updated asset registry for a proper asset management purpose. Antea, thanks to many years of experience in the field of data migration, and document resolution, along with a trusted partner that performed the physical laser scanning activities and provided the relevant point clouds was up to the challenge. The process of reverse engineering, from the point clouds to the reality would solve above-mentioned challenges, Antea developed dedicated solutions for point clouds such as Georeferencing, filters and a new data smart elaboration technology that allows a usable visualization of very data intense files.

2016–current: Antea has been awarded a contract to support the client in keeping all data updated with periodic site visits (documents, 3D updates, inspection reports upload).

2017: Additional support activities such as PED list updates, export and calculation of risk assessment analysis, management of quantity of hazardous fluids

2019-ongoing: Antea is providing the RBI module for all 8 gas storage plants in cooperation with an experienced partner that, while utilizing the integrated Antea RBI tool, executes the physical aspect of the RBI study, and then checks and certifies the results.

During this time frame, and thanks to Antea technology, a lot of customized tools were developed to focus on critical special emphasis programs (e.g. a tool that identifies the critical corrosion areas such as soil to air interfaces, only possible with combination of 3D models and point cloud)

2020-ongoing: Migration to the new Antea Web Platform and integration with other third-party platforms. By consolidating their maintenance processes into one platform, they will be able to dramatically improve process efficiency and reduce operational costs and eliminate data silos.

Now the client can trust on a complete, updated, and reliable database that includes:

    • 3D Models
    • Point Cloud/Digital Twin
    • Scheduler of inspection activity
    • Detailed inspections history
    • Easy information retrieval
    • An easy way to access updated P&ID

This creates a lot of advantages such as better relationship with regulatory bodies, higher control on assets, reduction of unplanned shutdowns, improved safety, and environmental responsibility…

Some of the major benefits that Antea brings to this customer:

    • Fast and economical population of the database as a result of the autonomous extraction of data from the P&IDs.
    • Short learning curve due to a faster and more intuitive navigation with use of the P&ID, 3D model and digital twin.
    • Improved staff productivity due to a faster information search and retrieval.
    • Improved communication between technical staff, i.e. misunderstandings are avoided by using 3D visualization.
    • Major impact on the cost-saving factor.

After 10 years of providing superior software and services, Antea becomes a trusted Technology Partner for many themes, not limited to the Antea software applications.

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