Antea Welcomes Our Newest Client: Chemanol, A Major Saudi Arabian Methanol Complex

Antea Welcomes Our Newest Client: Chemanol, A Major Saudi Arabian Methanol Complex


Chemanol is a petrochemical complex located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The massive facility is one of the most integrated and reliable global producers of methanol and derivatives. As one of the worlds largest formaldehyde producers and the biggest producer in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), their premium grade products demand the highest level of reliability and controls.


Chemanol is dedicated to pioneering new technologies to become safer and more efficient. Key to their reliability and sustainability strategy is the implementation of a new Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) and RBI.


While exploring different solutions, Chemanol identified Antea as the most comprehensive, risk-based asset integrity software solution that supports all equipment types in a single platform. They noted that it is configurable, with seamless integration to CMMS or ERP systems and they were intrigued by Antea’s ability to access their data remotely and visualize their data through 2D Smart P&ID, 3D models, and Digital Twin. 

Chemanol selected Antea over the competition because they felt our solution created many opportunities to integrate their existing IT infrastructure to their OT environment.

Some of the key features Chemanol is interested in benefitting from in the near future are:

· Quickly create RBI Analysis of all existing equipment

· Schedule inspection tasks based on RBI Analysis

· Inspection KPI reports in different type of formats

· Evaluate inspection budgets and set inspection targets

· Demonstrate cost-effectiveness and ROI benefits


Chemanols Antea cloud-based IDMS deployment is currently underway. Antea is in the process of migrating legacy inspection data, tailoring customized features and training their team on its use. The onboarding process is going quickly and Chemanol is projecting an ROI in as early as 3 months from the significant cost and time savings provided by Antea’s efforts.

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