Norway Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

Case Study: Norway Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

A client operating fields in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea, was searching for a superior APM solution. After changing APM suppliers three times in the past five years, they were introduced to Antea.

Optimization and rationalization of the workflow required the change to a robust, flexible and customizable platform. This client was also very driven to have the ability to create ad-hoc features that were missing in all the previous APM solutions. The time frame required for the full migration was extremely limited because of the approaching license expiration of the previous software.

They were facing two primary challenges: data quality and time. The collection and analysis of existing data included a lot of disorganized and outdated information. The full migration, including system setup, software customizations, and data migration had to be completed within 3 months to prevent any disruption for the customer.

Antea first rigorously analyzed the current status of the data. They facilitated dedicated workshops with management, maintenance planners, corrosion engineers, and the field inspectors to understand the existing processes, collect users’ requests and opportunities for optimizations.

After this, Antea’s Development team started to work on the software customization and development of the new features requested (e.g. a new module for Corrosion Monitoring Points management with calculation of defined corrosion rate; a new tool for search and approval of inspection reports). In parallel the Technical team started to work on the new database setup.

To minimize downtime, the testing phase was done while the old APM software was still active and, in only 6 days, all data was migrated to Antea’s platform, and went live.

Some key statistics:

  • 80k single NDT inspections loaded
  • 20k inspection reports loaded
  • 87 days full project duration
  • 6 days idle time for transition between the old APM and Antea Platform

The migration itself was a great success for both Antea and the client, but the biggest acknowledgment is how the new platform is used daily and populated with new data (10k new NDT inspections and 7k inspection reports uploaded). It quickly became a cornerstone for the client’s AM activities.

The client adopted the Antea Web platform in late 2018 and recognized value in short order. Continual collaboration has been very successful, working through customizations and tailored features specifically focused on customer satisfaction and increased functionality. It is, and always has been Antea’s intent to provide superior customer satisfaction and user experience.

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