How A Multi-Facility Gas Storage Company Improved Profitability from Asset Integrity Management with Antea Data Services Overview A client with nine small to medium gas storage plants/facilities was keeping mechanical integrity data in multiple silos that had grown out of years of departmental nesting of databases. This siloing of data meant that maintenance, operations, engineering, […]

Antea Digitalizes AIM Platform in 8 Gas Storage Plants Our customer in Italy was seeking to transition to a digital asset management platform that would support easy access to information and ultimately deliver a single interface for team collaboration and documentation. The chosen solution required the capability to streamline and digitalize data requirements for 8 […]

Case Study: Norway Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution A client operating fields in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea, was searching for a superior APM solution. After changing APM suppliers three times in the past five years, they were introduced to Antea. Optimization and rationalization of the workflow required the change […]