The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Manage Asset Data According to our recent polls, the biggest hurdles operators face in managing their asset integrity management (AIM) database are a lack of time and resources or human error. In this webinar, seasoned industry experts are here to help you solve those problems – both easily and cost [...]
Comparing Asset Integrity Management Solutions: Product Differences, Industry Trends, and Working in the Digital New Normal Join Angela Saldivar and Leo Cardenas for an exclusive webinar comparing different asset integrity management (AIM) and inspection data management (IDMS) solutions!  There are plenty of AIM systems on the market – but what sets them apart from each [...]
Antea & TexMark Webinar: Digital Asset Integrity
Digital Asset Integrity: IIoT and the Refinery of the Future Floyd and Linda are tenured experts in this space. They will examine the real-life examples of how digitized AIM impacted daily operations for TexMark. In addition, they will discuss exciting new technologies in development at the Refinery of the Future, what digitization means, and practical [...]
Why Risk Based Inspection is Critical How do you effectively allocate inspection resources? Alberto Duque, Technical Sales Manager discusses the importance of Antea's risk based inspection (RBI) methodology. He also covers calculating probability of failure and consequence of failure using Antea RBI software. Please complete the form to receive the recorded webinar via email.
Managing Asset Integrity in Real-time using Mobile Applications Rapid innovation comes with both opportunities, and challenges. Is your operating facility seeking new disruptive processes to evaluate, test and deploy actions that best connect the entire plant digitally, virtually, and physically? Floyd Baker and Geneva Gordon showcase the power of Antea's Mobile Apps and how to [...]
Visualization Creating Actionable Information How can visualizing asset integrity on a 3D digital twin improve your critical operations? Alberto Duque, South East Asia Area Manager discusses how to enhance asset integrity management through 3D models and point cloud data. Please complete the form to receive the recorded webinar via email.
Visualization Creating Actionable Information Asset intensive environments like refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants collect a lot of data every day. How do you turn that data into actionable plans? The Antea platform makes it easy to monitor and coordinate ongoing projects with the click of a button. Floyd Baker and Geneva Gordon discuss how [...]