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Industrial Digital Transformation

The availability of information, data and drawings is fundamental for the management of any type of complex plant (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, etc). But there is much more to be considered where Industrial Digital Transformation concerned. More importantly and certainly the most value-driven purpose is how you access that information or data, and how you create actions from what you learn by visualizing it. This is truly the most disruptive way we can impact our bottom lines in these operating facilities.

Having click-of-a-mouse or touch-of-a-finger access to the 2D drawings (P&IDs and PFD’s), 3D models or Point Cloud and the ability to locate and contextualize the assets of interest is a game-changer for everyone who deals daily with maintenance, inspections, RBI studies and planning. Visualizing what is in its proximity is powerful information when planning activities that require tools such as scaffolding, cranes, or even rope access services.

Antea Platform creates the ability to visualize Point Cloud rendering (digital twin) and a 3D model simultaneously, linked with the relevant P&ID’s and local maps.

Historically, 3D drawings were generated from construction drawings. In the recent past, we have imported them from 3D models created by the Engineering Companies. More recently have created them through 3D renderings made from Point Cloud data.

We believe that the full 3D modeling of a “brownfield” facility is redundant, very expensive and very time-consuming. Our recommendation is to model only the items or assets of interest, leaving the contextualization to the Point Cloud’s 3D rendering. These should be prioritized by each customer according to maintenance and inspection plans, and the risk associated to the assets.

Antea Platform’s 3D editor allows you to create a 3D model for equipment, sketches, tanks and some other structures (e.g. jackets). This editor provides a very accurate drawing of the item. It begins with the construction drawing that contains all dimensional information. All 3D models that are available in Antea Platform, both modeled in the platform and imported from existing models are made available in .IFC format, which can be read by all of the primary engineering software companies. This allows an end-user to leverage all models including the Point Cloud for reverse engineering in future plant revisions and revamps.