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Storage Terminals Magazine, June/July 2022 Issue 03

By Floyd Baker, VP Antea North America

As featured in Storage Terminals Magazine


Using Digital Twin for Terminal Asset Integrity Management

In this article, Floyd Baker, asset integrity management expert with over 40 years industry experience in various roles, examines the use cases of digital twin technology for the mechanical integrity of storage tanks and terminals. He explains what a digital twin is, how it works within  the sphere of tank and terminal inspection data management, and the most cost effective strategies to leverage it for improved proactive maintenance and overall reliability.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The power of visualization for proactive maintenance, prolonged asset lifecycles, and more intelligent spending;
  • The applications of digital twin technology for asset integrity management;
  • How to leverage digital twin to ensure successful digital tank integrity implementations;
  • Strategies to change maintenance intelligence for optimized output, reduced risk, and improved safety.

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