Advancing from Digitized Information to Digital Transformation

Advancing from Digitized Information to Digital Transformation


Most organizations have migrated from paper intense document libraries to some form of electronic digital information. However, many still struggle to transform how this digital information can optimize their operation. To be truly transformative, organizations must think about their enterprise information and how they optimize access to it, manage it, and use it to create value enterprise-wide.

We all have ideas about how digital transformation can benefit our companies, but many are unsure how to begin because there are so many variables and options dealing with very large numbers of assets, geographical locations and which technologies to leverage. The value is there, but sometimes daunting in size, and there does not seem to be a clear starting point.

It starts as an innovative platform-based technology core. Flexibility and scalability are the key to obtaining these business opportunities, so utilizing proven platform technologies will expose the real value associated with digital transformation. These platforms, modules, and applications power what our new normal looks like.

Through digital transformation, operations across all industries are becoming app-centric with the goal of higher productivity, boosted efficiency, and securely delivering amazing digital experiences to not only customers, but employees as well. Visualizing that data in the form of asset 2D, 3D models, and Digital twin enhances the user experience and amplifies a more immersed human interaction. This provides the focus and insight to make more informed decisions, optimize operational workflow, and reduce overall cost.

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