Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

Mobility and AIM Processes

An Asset Integrity Management platform engages a lot of people in an operating facility. Mobility enables employees to connect into these core AIM processes and participate even if they are not sitting at their desks. Enterprises that have not yet incorporated these strategies will struggle with anything in terms of digital transformation. We as humans, tend to engage more with technology if we can take it with us. In an industrial or business setting, an enterprise AIM platform that can be accessed using a mobile device turns this increased level of engagement into specific benefits that represent opportunities for digital transformation in many industries.

Plant operators are constantly re-inventing themselves, and the most successful ones are driven to organize a digital transformation strategy to achieve cost, growth, and profit goals. Not necessarily change what they do… but how they do it.

Mobile devices are key to plant operators succeeding with worker productivity improvements not only now but in the future as well. I read a study of Industry 4.0’s impact on worker productivity and performance that says mobile devices will contribute up to an 85 percent decrease in paperwork and data entry. Plant workers using tablets and smart phones can add descriptions, pictures, and videos in real-time, contributing to major reductions in lost, or waisted time, which translates into enormous cost savings and reduced resource requirements.

As businesses continue to seek transformative digital strategies, they should look toward mobile focused solutions. Implementing a robust asset management platform that communicates to, and from the edge environment is the foundation. Whether it’s workers with tablets or smartphones, or remote sensors collecting data in real-time. Mobility is no longer a consideration, but a mandatory element in any platform. The rise of the digital workforce and the need for highly effective mobile applications will continue to accelerate digital transformation and provide enterprises with new ways to leverage mobility in their business strategies, and reduce cost and resource requirements in the future.

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