Rethinking Business to Work Remote & the Integration of a Digital Twin

Rethinking Business to Work Remote & the Integration of a Digital Twin

Covid-19 is forcing enterprises to rethink the way they do business. It is accelerating the future of how we do work from remote places like home. The ability to connect to an intelligent plant and the assets in the plant creates an environment that optimizes your operation and maintenance work activities and makes reliability much more sustainable.

Wireless interaction between inspectors, operators, sensors, and devices, in day-to-day operation lays the groundwork for communicating through a Digital Twin interfaced to your CMMS. The concept of working from a web-based platform means you no longer have to be at your desk or in the plant in order to initiate work activities on the assets in a facility. The ability to visualize, measure, and verify any planning and scheduling requirements through 3D models or point clouds will reduce the human onsite exposure significantly.

It isn’t a matter of changing what we do for work, it’s a matter of changing how we do it. Transform, or be transformed. The future is remote access to Asset Intelligence creating actionable insights that make us safer, smarter, and more cost effective. 

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