The Intelligent Asset & Industrial Internet of Things

One of the biggest challenges we see in asset-intense environments such as refineries, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities, is finding ways to access and evaluate enormous amounts of data in real-time. These industries are looking to operate more safely and efficiently while cutting down on costs.

The Industrial Internet of Things (commonly known as IIoT) is quickly becoming that solution. These “things”, such as wireless communication between sensors and devices in everyday operations, are connecting physical plant assets to a digital refinery, helping to visualize the massive amounts of data.

Digital Twin technology is creating data-driven models of an entire system or individual assets, providing an advanced, efficient method for preventing equipment failures and optimizing asset performance. This technology allows refineries to use their existing data from legacy systems and third-party applications to discover new trends and patterns that feed into a much larger digital model.

Digital assets and the IIoT can create an environment that allows for a proactive approach to your business, instead of a reactive one. We recommend using these tools not just for the sake of using technology, but for creating superior value to your business and the environments you operate in.

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