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Inspectioneering Journal,  Sept/October  2021 Issue

By Floyd Baker, VP Antea North America

Digital Twin – which can be defined as a digital representation or virtual model of a physical object – is not a new technology; yet, in the usage of asset integrity management for oil and gas or petrochemical storage tanks and terminals, it is evolving rapidly. It is a critical piece in the increasingly common movement toward digital transformation as many plants and facilities turn to laser mapping or 3D modeling to digitize their assets. What are these companies discovering? Improved inspection planning, maintenance costs, turnaround, revenue generation and safety.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to extract value from IIoT platforms to achieve visibility into maintenance spending;

  • The applications of digital twin technology for asset integrity management;

  • How to leverage digital twin to ensure successful digital tank integrity implementations;

  • Strategies to change maintenance intelligence for optimized output, reduced risk, and improved safety; and,

  • Ways to leverage this technology in a fiscally viable manner.


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