What we believe

Our Philosophy

For over a decade Antea has developed a philosophy of achieving a sustainable database in an economically feasible way. This philosophy has been the key to our success in creating superior value to our customers.

Level 1 begins with an accurate asset list. We believe that the most accurate asset list, or asset registry should come from the P&ID’s associated to any facility. From this belief, we developed a way to ingest these P&ID’s in a way that creates the asset registry from the equipment tags in the .dwg file. This asset registry is then compared to existing asset lists or tables from other sources and legacy applications in a plant and then import all technical data associated to all critical assets. Then resolve any conflicts.

Level 2 of our securing a sustainable database is to enrich the above-mentioned population with the inclusion of inspection information, 3D models of critical assets, and maintenance activities and any analytical processing that is useful for those sites that exercise the APM, RBI, FFS, IOW, and other critical decision-making methodologies.

Level 3 considers 3D graphics and functionality. These models can come from various areas. If the Engineering 3D models exist, they can be used. This usually only occurs with newer facilities that still have access to these 3D models. When they do not exist, it is common for us to create models from the design data with our own Rapid 3D modeler built into our platform. This has proven to be far more economically feasible than engineering new models on brownfield projects. These models are not as effective for reverse engineering however, still greatly beneficial in managing and visualizing assets in asset intense environments.

Level 3 also includes using Point Cloud data to create a digital representation of critical assets, or digital twin. In recent years facilities are using laser scanning to create these models for various use cases. In this case, there is no need to recreate point cloud data. These can be used to model in our platform. If they do not exist, the process of laser scanning can take place at any time in a plant’s life cycle and could even just focus on critical assets versus an entire facility. This would help to manage the cost of implementation. Engineering culture and deep computer knowledge of Antea’s staff make the platform and data loading support methodologies exclusive. It is our customer-centric mindset and solutions-based thinking that set us apart from other platforms. We are made up of innovative thinkers that demand the utmost quality from our outputs.

Technology, not just for the sake of technology, but for the purpose of adding superior value to our customers while minimizing cost and improving return on their investment.