Antea to Implement Ingeman’s Ahi Model

Antea S.r.l. is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Ingeman to create the IT platform for Ingeman’s Asset Health Index (AHI) model. This partnership will develop an advanced IT tool to support the results provided by the AHI methodology.

Ingeman and Antea’s collaboration brings the strengths of the two organizations to create an industry-leading plant asset health model upon Antea’s expertise creating asset management platforms.

Once fully developed, the IT platform will streamline Ingeman’s training for European engineers in asset management transformation in industrial plants and infrastructures.

Antea, established in 1989, is specialized in the development of highly flexible software solutions and in supplying integrated services. Antea’s Palladio is the industry-leading Asset Integrity Management (AIM) platform with over 30 years of field-proven results.

Ingeman is a non-profit association with a primary objective of promoting and disseminating Maintenance Engineering, participating in and disseminating the standardization activities of maintenance, organizing events such as courses, seminars, technical conferences, etc. and establishing contacts with entities or individuals to exchange ideas and experiences on the topics listed.

Ingeman has created the Asset Health Index Model of Ingeman, the result of the practical adaptation of the original work of Adolfo Crespo Márquez et al., published in the book entitled: Value-Based and Intelligent Asset Management: Mastering the Asset Management Transformation in Industrial Plants and Infrastructures, 2019. ISBN-13: 978-3030207038. of the Springer UK Publishing House.


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