“Eliminate information silos and visualize the live conditions of your assets in real time with one click of a button. “

Antea Core is the base model of Antea Web asset integrity management (software) for operators in process industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and Pipeline. It is the first step on the journey to digital transformation.

Using a powerful combination of digital twin, 3D point cloud overlay, and the Cloud, we create a virtual replica of your plant or facility and all the assets and components within it. Curious about the risk level or inspection history on a pipe section? Just zoom onto the area of interest within the software and click on it to instantly retrieve all relevant data for that asset.

Say Goodbye to Unstructured Data

One of the most common challenges with AIM and inspection data management for operators in process industries is having to sort through large amounts of unstructured data across disparate sources. We eliminate this burden by mining, analyzing, cataloguing, integrating and loading all legacy data from any number of disparate sources – from P&IDs or spreadsheets to paper reports and binder’s boxes – into one digital, visually contextualized database. This centralizes and digitizes asset data across all sites and legacy platforms into one single version of the truth, where asset data is immediately accessible and current to all users.


Janus Digital Twin

A virtual replication of a physical asset or system across its lifecycle, using real-time data to enable actionable intelligence. Click on any point of interest and immediately access all corresponding data and history. Test, build and monitor a product with instant insights that make it easier to find hidden issues


Rapid 3D

Easily create and customize 3D models of your facilities with the help of Rapid3D. Quickly import or export 3D models and share as walk-through animations or printouts. Experience the power of 3D as an overlay to digital twin for unprecedented visualization of your assets.



Avoid IT hardware failure the way you avoid asset failure. We keep your data safe, secure, and immune to disaster with Cloud hosting SaaS. It is easily customizable to expand or reduce storage according to what you require. The best part? You only pay for what you need.

Digitally Transform Your Plant in 30 Days

Import schematics and watch them automatically flow into an asset directory tree. Bi-directionally link all P&IDs, 3D point cloud, and more to CAD and remote sensor/IIoT data. Quickly and easily find equipment and all related inspection data. View all data in 3D context for deeper understanding.

While standard inspection data management software (IDMS) deliver access to asset information (see red section of diagram below), Antea Core expands the value into true visualization for complete insight and actionable intelligence.

Our AIM platform is scalable according to your company’s size and needs. It can be configured with any number of asset integrity modules — including Risk Based Inspection, Pipeline Integrity Management, Inspection Data Management System, and more.

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