Prevent Shutdowns with RBI Software

The most effective way to prevent unplanned downtime is with risk based inspection (RBI). By determining inspection frequency according to an asset’s individual risk level, you can dramatically reduce spending and focus resources on the most critical equipment.

What is Risk Based Inspection (RBI)?

Risk based inspection is a proven methodology that assesses an asset’s Likelihood of Failure (LoF) compared to its (Consequence of Failure) to determine which assets are most in need of inspection or maintenance.

In comparison to time-based inspection methods of the past, RBI prioritizes scheduling according to the assets that are most at risk. Instead of wasting inspection resources on unnecessary inspections for functional assets, RBI allows you to prioritize inspection and maintenance budgets where it counts the most.

In many instances, regulatory bodies will require operators in the Petrochemical, Power, and Oil & Gas sectors to ensure compliance with recommended practices like API 580 and API 581, which are based around risk based inspection. In practice, RBI has been proven to substantially reduce inspection costs while improving operational safety and minimizing the likelihood of unplanned shutdown.

Antea RBI – Risk Based Inspection with Digital Twin Visualization

Perform qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative analyses to evaluate the probability and severity of failures in your plant. Leverage our industry-leading digital twin technology for interactive visualization – including a dynamic, virtual replica of your plant. RBI data is overlaid onto the digital twin and colored by risk level, providing an instant overview of asset health.

[image of the risk-colored digital twin]

Antea RBI is validated to API 580/581 by a globally recognized certification body, ensuring seamless regulatory reporting and audit compliance.

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