Comparing Asset Integrity Management Solutions

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Join Angela Saldivar and Leo Cardenas for an exclusive webinar comparing different asset integrity management (AIM) and inspection data management (IDMS) solutions! 

There are plenty of AIM systems on the market – but what sets them apart from each other, really? What features matter most in an AIM/IDMS system, and how can they be leveraged for companies adapting to the “new normal” of this digital, remote-work era?

Where is the industry headed and how can you make sure that your business case aligns with the future asset integrity needs of your company?

About Our Speakers:

Angela has over 10 years of mechanical integrity experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, having worked with several inspection and engineering companies. 

Leo is a mechanical engineer with over two decades of mechanical integrity experience for refinery, chemical, power, and upstream oil and gas programs. 

These two industry veterans have worked with a multitude of different AIM systems — making them the perfect subject matter experts to speak to the differences between products and the key information you need to lead your company into the future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Gain knowledge on AIM products/differences
  • Leverage insights from industry peers
  • Learn new trends in the digital, remote-work world
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