Antea & TexMark Webinar: Digital Asset Integrity

Digital Asset Integrity: IIoT and the Refinery of the Future

Floyd and Linda are tenured experts in this space. They will examine the real-life examples of how digitized AIM impacted daily operations for TexMark. In addition, they will discuss exciting new technologies in development at the Refinery of the Future, what digitization means, and practical strategies to leverage it for rapid ROI.

Digitized AIM centralizes and distributes data to keep systems running and reduce cost – enabling decision making both real-time and long-term, expediting maintenance procedures and empowering proactive maintenance planning. It has been proven to mitigate risk while improving safety and environmental/social responsibility.

The future of asset intelligence is digital – and it is imperative to set up the architecture now to meet it head on. This webinar will equip you with the tools to do just that.


What You Will Learn:

  • How digitizing TexMark’s AIM program impacted operations
  • Where to find value in the investment
  • What the future looks like factoring things like
    • Connected Worker
    • Video as a sensor
    • Real-time digital twin