The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Manage Asset Data

According to our recent polls, the biggest hurdles operators face in managing their asset integrity management (AIM) database are a lack of time and resources or human error. In this webinar, seasoned industry experts are here to help you solve those problems – both easily and cost effectively.

Proper data management plays a crucial role in knowing the condition of your assets and maintaining a single version of the truth. Join Floyd Baker, VP North America, and Angelo Nurchi, Senior Asset Integrity Consultant (40+ years experience including ENI, BP, Chevron), examine the challenges of maintaining an asset database in today’s digital era, the best practices you can implement today, and the best kept secret in AIM data management that
you might not be aware of!

What You Will Learn:

  • Best practice approach to data management that most operators don’t know
  • Cost-effective data management methods in a post-pandemic world
  • Breaking down misconceptions about data entry vs. data analysis in asset integrity management