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For decades, we have worked to strategically align with complementary service providers to bridge gaps for our customers’ mechanical integrity programs and ensure additional resources are available during times when resources are limited. We proudly work with engineering firms, consultants, integrators, other technology and software companies, regulatory bodies, and operators around the world as we continue our commitment to enhance the value of our solutions and protect the investment of our customers.

Latest Partner: Clean Connect

The Antea and Clean Connect AI partnership elevates asset integrity digital twin technology by adding automated, AI-assisted continuous video visual inspection, operations, leak detection and repair (LDAR). This combined offering also helps operators produce clean energy, reduce carbon footprints, and adhere to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

For the first time, operators in process industries can utilize the first ever Digital Twin 2.0 – which combines original digital twin imaging with real-time computer vision — for unprecedented visual insight, substantial time and cost savings, and automated processes.

With this partnership, Antea’s globally proven risk-based AIM software will deliver new capabilities to operators. These include continuous visual leak detection and quantification, non-invasive tank level monitoring, hardhat detection, integration with SCADA, ECD detection, fire and smoke detection, and more.

This partnership will help oil & gas operators enhance predictive maintenance, prolong asset lifecycles, reduce time and resources required for inspections and operations, avoid catastrophic failure, improve regulatory compliance and environmental footprints, and generally provide an unparalleled level of real-time autonomous monitoring to their mechanical integrity programs.

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To learn more about Clean Connect AI, click here: here.

Other Partner: Vysus Group

Antea and Vysus Group

One of the most common challenges faced by operators in process industries is a lack of onsite resources. This creates issues for asset integrity management when there is excess unstructured data that is difficult to locate or takes too long to retrieve, when dealing with daily management of an asset database and ensuring its optimization, or during implementation of a new project or tool.

The Antea & Vysus Group Partnership combines Vysus Group’s engineering expertise and consultative solutions with Antea’s technology platform, optimizing asset integrity management for the marketplace. It delivers a one-stop-shop solution that leverages Antea’s software platform and training with Vysus Group’s consultative services that include implementation support, program maintenance, and evergreening. This ensures that all phases are provided by “one” services provider – software platform implementation, program maintenance, and system optimization moving forward with new projects and daily operations. 

This streamlines processes for the end user, reducing the impact of logistics, finance, and legal efforts necessary to handle software and service programs. Operators will benefit from diverse client portfolios, including Vysus Group’s history with both Lloyd’s Register and Capstone Engineering.  Both companies’ global footprints provide experiences and diverse expertise that are unrivaled in the industry.

Press play to hear both companies discuss the value this partnership will bring to operators:

To learn more details about the benefits this will bring to operators, and the specific impacts it can have on mechanical integrity programs (including building a business case), read more here.

To learn more about Vysus Group, click here.

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