Since Antea Platform bases its asset registry starting on the P&IDs, should they be updated?

No, in the process of data integration from various sources (P&ID, lists, drawings, 3D models) inside the Platform, the incongruencies will emerge, thus supporting the update process of the documents.

Can Antea Platform import data from Excel or other file formats?

Yes. Datasheets, technical or inspection data that are in Excel or other text formats can be easily imported in Antea.

Can Antea Platform import data from PDS, PDMS or SP3D?

Yes. If the 3D models are available in PDS, PDMS or SP3D they can be directly imported

What kind of documents can be attached to Antea Platform?

We can attach tags listed in Antea Platform to all kind of files that can be read on Windows (JPG, PDF, DOC, TIFF, MPEG, AVI, XLS, PPT, etc.)

Can Antea support an RBI study?

Yes, Antea developed an RBI Software compliant with API 581 and other international standards. The software offers a graphic visualization of groups of items and a better understanding of the whole situation of risk within the plant. Antea can import and distribute results from existing RBI software such as API, Bureau Veritas, etc.

Is it possible to visualize the item listed in the software directly on the P&ID?

Yes. With the “Find in P&ID” function it is possible to visualize each listed item (equipment, line, PSV, instrument, etc.) simply by clicking on it.

Is it possible to visualize the item listed in the software directly on the P&ID?

Yes. With the “Find in P&ID” function it is possible to visualize each listed item (equipment, line, PSV, instrument, etc.) simply by clicking on it.

Do the Antea Platform support SSL?

Yes. The client shall provide an SSL certificate in order to install the application server.

Can the Antea Platform send automatic notifications via email?

Yes. The client shall provide an operating SMTP server to send e-mails.

How does the Antea Platform deal with web security?

Security is essential in Antea Platform. All the Antea applications are designed on industry-grade technologies and libraries. Antea’s software and policies ensure maximum safety for all the risks listed in the OWASP Top Ten (2013): see

Which web browser do I need to use a Antea Platform?

Any modern web browser; i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer from version 10. No plugin is required. Mobile Web browsers can be used as well; the mobile versions of the Antea Platform applications have less features but ensure a better mobile experience.

Who created Antea Platform?

The whole software (100%) has been created by Antea’s staff. It is possible to customize it to meet customer requirements (a new report, a different calculation, etc.).

Why should I use Antea RBI instead of other software?

Almost all of the common RBI software systems are limited to RBI analysis and inspection plan creation. Antea RBI instead is well integrated into an inspection management environment thus RBI is not a stand-alone process, but it is part of a larger competence area that is “Asset Integrity”.

How can I load inspection data or maintenance activity reports?

Inspection data and maintenance activity reports can be loaded in various ways such manually, importing data from Excel files with a predefined structure, using templates generated by Antea Platform to be directly imported once the activities performers fill them with the gathered information, or using a tablet or smartphone.

What are the basic steps to start off with Antea

Below is an example of how to start off with Antea on an ideal Plant:

• First step is to read the P&IDs and extract all the tags (equipment, lines, PSVs, etc.) to be loaded in Antea Platform: this usually takes a couple of weeks.
• The supplied lists and activity plans (for equipment, lines, etc.) are then imported and cross-checked with those resulting from P&IDs; the customer will support the resolution to the mismatches.
• At this point the customer has all the items of the plant (equipment, PSVs, lines, instruments, machines) listed in Palladio browser and the “Find in P&ID” function per each of them already active. The customer could start uploading technical and inspection data at this point.

If the data loading is to be carried out by Antea (or partners) the next steps are:

• Drawing 3D equipment and sketches
• Insert inspection data
• Insert general data of items
• Insert expiry lists for planned activities
• Enclose document files, such as manuals, manufactures drawings, etc. available in any file format (PDF, DOC, TIFF, etc.); each document will be related to the proper item.

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