Should P&ID be updated in order to work with Antea Web?


Our data integration process from various sources (P&ID, lists, drawings, 3D models) identifies any incongruencies and cleanses the data prior to migration. This supports the update process of the documents.

Can Antea Platform import data from Excel or other file formats?


Datasheets, technical or inspection data that are in Excel or other text formats can be easily imported in Antea.

Can Antea Platform import data from PDS, PDMS or SP3D?


If the 3D models are available in PDS, PDMS or SP3D they can be directly imported.

What kind of documents can be attached to Antea Platform?

We can attach tags listed in Antea Platform to all kind of files that can be read on Windows (JPG, PDF, DOC, TIFF, MPEG, AVI, XLS, PPT, etc.)

Can Antea support an RBI study?


Antea risk based inspection RBI software is compliant with API 581 and other international standards. The software provides contextual visualization of your plant and assets. This provides a better understanding of the whole situation of risk within the plant. Antea can also import and distribute results from existing RBI software such as API, Bureau Veritas, etc.

Can I visualize an item listed in the software directly on the P&ID?


You can visualize each listed item (equipment, line, PSV, instrument, etc.) simply by clicking on it.

Does Antea Web AIM software support SSL?


Simply provide an SSL certificate in order to install the application server.

Can Antea Web AIM software send automatic notifications via email?


How does Antea address cybersecurity?

Protecting our customers’ data is of paramount importance to us, which is why we strive for unenterable security.

All Antea applications are designed on industry-grade technologies and libraries.

Antea’s software and policies ensure maximum safety for all the risks listed in the OWASP Top Ten (2013): see

Antea is also currently undergoing certification for ISO 27001 standard on informational security.

Is Antea's software developed in-house?


The whole software (100%) has been designed and developed by Antea’s team of engineers.

Because of this, you are able to request customizations to meet your specific requirements. Examples include tailored workflows, a new report, a different calculation, etc.

What makes Antea RBI different than other risk based inspection software?

Most common RBI software systems are limited to RBI analysis and inspection plan creation.

Unlike those, Antea RBI is well integrated into an inspection management environment. In fact, it is part of and connected to a complete asset integrity management and inspection data management system (IDMS).

Therefore, RBI is not a stand-alone process, but it is part of a larger competence area.

In addition, Antea RBI leverages unparalleled 3D digital twin technology for instant insight into actionable intelligence. It can also connect with exclusive partner technologies for advanced capabilities. These include autonomous visual inspection with optical gas imaging, predictive corrosion monitoring for corrosion under insulation (CUI), and more.

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