Asset Data Management Services

For mechanical integrity programs, data management can be tedious and time-consuming. Locating, mining, cleansing, analyzing, uploading, optimizing asset data — all of these can require time that your team might prefer to spend elsewhere. What would it mean if those could be taken care of for you?

Don’t waste time and resources trying to sift through reems of unstructured data. Allow our team to handle data management for you, so you can focus time and spending on more critical inspection and maintenance priorities.

Our tailored asset integrity services manage your database on every step of the journey.

Support from Implementation to Sustainable Operations

We provide dedicated support before and during implementation of your asset integrity management (AIM) database. Then, we go a step further by providing you with ongoing, customizable services for optimized inspections and maintenance.

Our dedicated and highly trained technicians perform data entry, training, and support either on-premises, remotely, or a hybrid of the two. We perform the work so your team doesn’t have to, saving you critical time and resources.

We will help your team create workflows, find solutions to problems, and implement intelligent strategies for how to use the software for the entire duration of its use.

Our data management as a service (DMS) option is configurable according to your needs. Read our recent case study to learn how these services helped a major operator in Oil & Gas. Then, reach out to our team to discuss the options most suitable to improve asset integrity management at your own facilities today.

What are the options for Antea Data Management Services?


A highly trained technician comes onsite to handle data entry so your team can prioritize other inspection and maintenance tasks. In addition, the technician can deliver any troubleshooting, support and training that may be required.


Onsite visits at occasional intervals (e.g. monthly, every 3 months, etc.). Our technician will take care of all data entry and data analysis to ensure that your database is running optimally. They will also provide any required training or support.


Enjoy complete management of your asset integrity database via completely secure and remote support – simply provide the data and our team will take care of the rest. Find peace of mind knowing that your investment is always paying dividends as it is kept evergreen by system experts.

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