Profile image of Fernando Verzotto, Antea co-founder and CEO, based in Europe and Italy branch, member of leadership.
Fernando Verzotto, Co -Founder, CEO
About Fernando

Fernando is our CEO, co-founder, and head of our leadership team. He is a chemical engineer who pioneered digital advancement in asset integrity software for decades. Graduating from the University of Padua in Italy 1971, he worked for many chemical plants in Italy and abroad until the appearance of personal computers in the early ‘80s. At that time, he and his former partner realized the potential of computer science.

In 1989, he met technicians in search of a software for plant inspections management, and he developed a mechanical integrity software for them that would eventually become Antea. He is the coauthor of several publications about the usage of computer science in NDT and AIM.

Profile image for Floyd Baker, VP Antea Americas, representing the Canada and USA branches.
Floyd Baker, Vice President North America
About Floyd

Floyd Baker is the Vice President for Antea Americas. With over 40 years experience in asset integrity management (AIM), Floyd provides valuable insight on digital transformation and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). He is a revered global keynote speaker on topics of AIM, risk based inspection (RBI), digital twin, IIoT, and digitalization.

Prior to joining Antea, Floyd served at senior levels for end users of AIM platforms. He has also served about half of his career as an executive strategist/technology driver for AIM/RBI companies. His background and education are focused on emerging technologies in inspection, mechanical engineering, and materials science.

Profile image of Yang Li, Antea's Human Resources representative, member of Antea leadership.
Yang Li, Human Resources Director
About Yang

Yang is a Human Resources professional with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human Resources from Reims University, France. Yang has over seven years’ experience in human resources and operations management for multinational companies. In those roles, Yang implemented employee lifecycle processes, organizational development, performance management and talent development.

In each of her roles, Yang has provided strategic business partnering to senior leadership teams. With Antea, Yang is director of Human Resources for all of our multi-national offices. Her experience and strategic insights are an asset to the leadership group of Antea as we continue to expand our global presence.

Profile image for Mustapha Mazouzi, President of Antea Americas, located in the Headquarters office in Canada.
Mustapha Mazouzi, President North America
About Mustapha

Mustapha is a mechanical engineer with a Masters in Engineering Project Management from Canada. For over 20 years, he has lent his creativity and natural management skills to a multitude of industries. He worked for five years in the manufacturing and transformation industry, and then 15 years in oil & gas.

He has been integral to the design of many different technology startups and has been a key player in the evolution of Antea for the past 12 years. In 2017, driven by a passionate vision of the larger potential for Antea in the Americas, Mustapha became a partner of the company. Now, he is a driving force behind Antea’s growing success on the international stage.

Profile image for Franco Gombato, Antea sales manager, based out of Europe and Italy branch.
Franco Gambato, Sales Director
About Franco

Franco is a software engineer from Italy with over 20 years’ experience in project management and business development. Specifically, with a focus on asset integrity management (AIM) for the energy sector. He has helped companies such as ENI, Exxon, Sonatrach, Versalis, Pertamina and Bureau Veritas enhance profitability of mechanical integrity programs all over the world.

His reputable experience as a business development executive caught the eye of Antea. He has been an integral force behind the company’s expansion for over 10 years. As Sales Directo, Franco spearheads the ongoing success of our team and financial viability of all projects.

Profile image of Heidi Pollack, Antea Marketing Manager, member of Antea's leadership team.
Heidi Pollack, Marketing Manager
About Heidi

Heidi is one of the leading marketers in the asset integrity management (AIM) sector with a strong educational and professional background in marketing, business development, and strategic solution selling. For over 15 years she has worked in the enterprise software industry, helping companies expand brand awareness, cultivate demand, and foster industry relationships.

For the past eight years Heidi has worked solely in asset integrity management. There, she facilitates exponential growth for companies. As part of the leadership team of Antea, Heidi plays a vital role in executing the leadership’s marketing vision and contributing to the company’s growth and expansion.

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