What is an Integrity Operating Window – IOW?

Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) refer to a set of predefined limits on variables or damage mechanisms that can affect an asset’s performance. Any operating variables that exceed these limits would indicate that an asset is approaching operations that are not safe or could lead to preventable damage and failure.

Within an asset integrity management (AIM) software, IOWs operate as an early and instant warning system. Asset conditions are monitored within the software, and as soon as a variable approaches the limits of the integrity operating window, an alert system will send instant notifications.

This makes it possible for operators of process facilities to analyze and address the issue before it becomes a concern for asset failure, unplanned shutdown, or process safety.

IOWs also help improve regulatory compliance at process plants and facilities by adhering to American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP), API 584.

Prevent Asset Failure with Antea IOW

The most powerful way to prevent asset failure before it occurs is to receive instant notifications the moment that an asset’s operating limits exceed predefined boundaries. Antea IOW empowers you with real-time data and one-click access to the live conditions of your assets, allowing you to monitor operating limits and be warned of any adverse situations.

It is one of the most effective tools to move from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance.

Create custom-defined rules and boundaries, and then control them via sensors. Antea is the only AIM software with IOW that has complete digital twin visualization. Receive immediate notifications the instant that boundaries are breached. Compliant to API 584.

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