Commitment to Quality

Since 1989, Antea has continued to refine a research-centric process built on development of partnerships with customers in key industry segments and leading researchers in universities and industrial circles.

Antea shares the central mission, philosophy and software development lifecycle established by its Founders and Management Teams. We strive to be the best provider in industry. Through these guiding principles, everyone at Antea is accountable for customer satisfaction and meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best-in-class solutions and services.

About the Antea Software Platform

Antea dynamically links statistics with graphics, enabling our customers to interactively explore, understand and visualize data through 3D models, P&ID’s, Point Clouds, and Maps. Designed for anyone who wants to discover relationships and patterns in their data, Antea provides a comprehensive environment for exploratory data analysis, and data modeling that creates actionable information in a single package.

Moreover, Antea is designed to integrate with other third-party legacy platforms, providing an interface that breaks down data silos.


Our Software Development Process

The Antea software development process is innovative, interactive, and highly collaborative. Sales success and customer longevity in key industry segments are strong evidence of the success of this philosophy of development. Antea has never lost a customer in 30 years. The foundations of our process are:

  • Frequent customer contact and dedicated customer support
  • Prototype releases as code is being developed
  • Open communication between customers and senior development staff in the Antea development and marketing teams
  • Monitoring of code quality and production metrics
  • Applying state-of-the art development tools and techniques, continuous code review, testing and integration