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Previous Asset Integrity Webinars

Predictive Analytics for Heat Exchanger Bundles:
How to Optimize RBI, Lifespan, and Inspection Strategies


Floyd Baker, Vice President, Antea Americas and Justin Daarud, Asset Integrity Director, Cognascents


Discover the power of predictive analysis in determining the remaining life of your heat exchanger bundles and tubes. In our upcoming webinar, asset integrity experts Floyd Baker, VP of Antea Americas, and Justin Daarud, Asset Integrity Director of Cognascents, will examine new strategies for the inspection of heat exchanger bundles to predict wall loss and prolong asset lifespans.

Join us on August 17 at 10:00AM CT for an informative, educational discussion on groundbreaking inspection strategies that can enhance risk based inspection (RBI) parameters and improve overall maintenance and inspection strategies – helping you upgrade your mechanical integrity programs with data-driven decisions to enable predictive maintenance.

How to Improve Risk Based Inspection (RBI) with Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Monitoring

What if you could continuously monitor the corrosion and moisture conditions of your assets? What if that data was linked to risk based inspection software with digital twin — enabling you to visualize the real-time external corrosion status of your assets? Industry experts Floyd Baker, VP Antea Americas, and Dr. Prafull Sharma, Chief Technology Officer of CorrosionRADAR, present an educational webinar that answers these questions and more.

They discuss the latest technology for predictive analytics with corrosion under insulation (CUI) monitoring, and how, when integrated with RBI software and digital twin, it can enable true predictive corrosion management (PCM). Featuring a Q & A session!

How to Achieve Autonomous Real-Time Visual Inspection Using Digital Twin 2.0

Presented by: Antea and Clean Connect AI

What if you could achieve real-time, autonomous visual inspections, tank monitoring, LDAR, and more from your AIM software? That is now a reality with the launch of the first ever Digital Twin 2.0. And this webinar unveils everything you need to know about it!

Join Floyd Baker and Mark Smith for a deep dive into the ways that merging EPA-certified optical gas imaging and AI machine models with AIM software enables real-time visual monitoring of your assets.

How to Save Time & Resources on Asset Integrity Management

Presented by: Antea and Vysus Group

Are you one of many operators who would like to better optimize their asset integrity program, but find that resources are limited? Then this is the webinar for you!

Antea and Vysus Group join forces to discuss strategies for optimizing mechanical integrity when resources are limited. This webinar includes tips for making a successful business case and how to optimize the digital transformation journey from installation to successful operations.

Upgrading Inspection Software to Mechanical Integrity Database

Presented by: Antea and Cognascents

Are you aware of the differences between inspection software and a mechanical integrity program? Are you getting the most from your database, or are you finding it difficult to maintain or to retrieve critical asset information? Is it time to transition or upgrade — and if so, what are your options?

Join Antea and Lotte chemical for an engaging webinar that answers all of these questions. Learn how to identify when it’s time to upgrade from your inspection software, and the best tips for transitioning when you do.

Mobile Asset Integrity Management

Presented by: Antea and Telepresenz

Did you know that hands-free inspection reporting is a thing? That you can remotely collaborate with, mentor, or train personnel at the asset — from your desk in another city? That a team of you can view an asset’s behaviour in real-time to make quick decisions — while only one (or none) of you is even there?

Join Floyd Baker and Ritesh Tolia for an exciting webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about mobile AIM technologies.

Asset Integrity and Digital Twin: Deep Dive

Presented by: Antea and Geoffrey Cann

One of the most useful discussions you’ll find on digital twin as it applies to asset integrity management (AIM). Floyd is an AIM expert, and Geoffrey an expert (and renowned author) in digital Oil & Gas. Together, they examine real case studies and proven results to break down how to use digital twin for AIM.

The Most Cost Effective Ways to Manage Asset Data

Presented by: Antea

Data management is key to knowing the condition of your assets, and to avoiding information silos. Join two experts with more than 40 years’ asset integrity management experience — each — as they examine the challenge of data management. Learn tips and best practices for maintaining an AIM database in today’s digital era.

Comparing Asset Integrity Management Solutions

Presented by: Antea

There are plenty of AIM systems on the market – but what sets them apart from each other? What features matter most in an AIM/IDMS system? How can they be leveraged to adapt to the “new normal” of this digital, remote-work era? Join Angela Saldivar and Leo Cardenas for an exclusive webinar comparing different AIM solutions.

Digital Asset Integrity: IIoT & Refinery of the Future

Presented by: Antea & TexMark

A real-life case study of AIM software in action at a chemical plant. TexMark joins us to discuss the impact of implementing Antea Web at there facilities. A great opportunity to hear first-hand about real results you can expect!

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