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How to Achieve Autonomous Real-Time Visual Inspection Using Digital Twin 2.0

What if you could achieve real-time, autonomous visual inspections, tank monitoring, leak detection and repair (LDAR) all from within the digital twin of your asset integrity management (AIM) software? That is now a reality with the launch of the first ever Digital Twin 2.0 thanks to an exciting new technology partnership between Antea and Clean Connect – and our upcoming Webinar will tell you everything you need to know about it!

Join Floyd Baker, Vice President of Antea North America, and Mark Smith, President of Clean Connect AI, as they do a deep dive into the ways that merging EPA-certified optical gas imaging and AI machine models with asset integrity digital twin can enable real-time autonomous visual inspection and monitoring of your plants and assets.


How to Save Time & Resources on Asset Integrity Management

For operators of process plants in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Pipeline industries, asset integrity management (AIM) is critical. The value of a comprehensive AIM program to maintenance, reliability, and risk management is proven, but many operators in process industries are up against a lack of onsite resources.

This creates apprehension when deciding on, if, or how to adopt a new asset integrity approach; uncertainty on how to build the business case; and raises questions of how effective an AIM system might be with fewer resources on hand to maintain it. Limited resources are also a factor when companies are dealing with large amounts of unstructured data that are difficult to find or take too long to retrieve.


Out with the old, In with the new

Are you aware of the differences between inspection software and a mechanical integrity program? Are you getting the most from your database, or are you finding it difficult to maintain or to retrieve critical asset information? Is it time to transition or upgrade — and if so, what are your options?


Mobile Asset Integrity Management

Join Floyd Baker, VP of Antea and Ritesh Tolia, CRO of Telepresenz for an exciting webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about the latest in mobile AIM technologies. Learn about cloud-based AIM platforms, remote-assistance wearable devices, hands-free inspection reporting


Asset Integrity and Digital Twin: Deep Dive

Join Floyd Baker, digital twin expert with over 40 years’ experience implementing AIM and IIoT technologies, and Geoffrey Cann, author, educator, and renowned expert on digital transformation for Oil & Gas with over 35 years experience — as they discuss impressive results from real case studies, what digital twin technology is.


The Most Cost Effective Ways to Manage Asset Data

Proper data management plays a crucial role in knowing the condition of your assets and maintaining a single version of the truth. Floyd Baker, VP North America, and Angelo Nurchi, Senior Asset Integrity Consultant (40+ years experience including ENI, BP, Chevron), examine the challenges of maintaining an asset database in today’s digital era, the best practices you can implement today.


Comparing Asset Integrity Management Solutions

There are plenty of AIM systems on the market – but what sets them apart from each other, really? What features matter most in an AIM/IDMS system, and how can they be leveraged for companies adapting to the “new normal” of this digital, remote-work era? Join Angela Saldivar and Leo Cardenas for an exclusive webinar comparing different asset integrity management.


Digital Asset Integrity: IIoT & Refinery of the Future

Antea and TexMark team up to examine the real-life examples of how digitized AIM impacted daily operations for TexMark. In addition, they will discuss exciting new technologies in development at the Refinery of the Future, what digitization means, and practical strategies to leverage it for rapid ROI.


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