Inspection Data Management System for Every Asset

Imagine a virtual replica of your plant. All assets of all types in one 3D digital representation – and all the data and history you need for each asset is right there. With one click of a button.

That’s Antea IDMS.

The foundational technologies of Antea Core are expanded to support all elements of your inspection data management – simply click on a point of interest and access even more data as it pertains to the live condition of your assets.


Monitor corrosion, chemical injection points, cathodic protection measurements, inspection scheduling and more for hundreds of different asset types – fixed or rotating, pressure equipment, pipelines and pressure safety valves.


Manage all equipment, datasheets, inspection reports and more using color-coded 3D models.


Rapidly generate inspection or engineering maintenance reports at any time.


Contextualized visualization of the entire plant and each asset within it via 3D digital twin virtual replica.


Effortlessly view or create scheduling for inspections or routine maintenance.

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