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Merging Asset Integrity Management Software with Engineering Services for Total Asset Integrity Support

by Floyd Baker, VP Antea North America, and Jonathan Bui, Business Strategy and Development Manager of Vysus Group

Asset integrity management is a vital component in ensuring safe and effective equipment operations. Asset failure can have catastrophic effects, resulting in loss of life or injury, detrimental environmental impacts, as well as causing devastating damage to a company’s reputation. There is also the financial impact due to loss of production, asset damage and legal costs. As a result, the industry is moving towards a structured approach to asset management, which helps organizations manage and optimize the lifecycle of assets more effectively. In today’s increasingly digital world with more focus than ever on remote work capabilities, the industry is also quickly moving toward an asset management solution with digital twin, mobility, and remote assistance capabilities. An effective asset integrity management program has risk management at its core and includes several key elements like planning and performance management. Every sector of industrial activity faces the common challenges of maximizing value from assets while minimizing equipment and safety risk. Facilities must also demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations like ISO 55001, American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

A robust asset management strategy meets these challenges and improves plant, asset, and equipment availability and uptime. It also results in the identification of critical assets and equipment, the optimizing of maintenance and inspection schedules, and the elimination of unnecessary activities. An integral component of any mechanical integrity program is a comprehensive, digital asset integrity management (AIM) or inspection data management software (IDMS) with risk based inspection (RBI) methodology. Such software makes it possible to centralize all asset data into one easily accessible database – reducing the time to find information and providing a visual, digital twin view of the live conditions of assets at any given time, complete with risk levels for quick and responsible planning.

The Challenge: Limited Resources Hinder Progress in Mechanical Integrity Programs

Most operators recognize the value that a comprehensive AIM software will deliver to their operations and are eager to incorporate one into their mechanical integrity programs – but they are concerned about the resources that might be required. One of the most common challenges faced by operators in process industries is a lack of onsite resources. This creates apprehension when deciding if or how to adopt a new asset integrity approach. Often, they cannot even get that far as they first must acquire the essential buy-ins from management and need assistance to make a convincing business case.

Limited resources also become a factor when companies are dealing with large amounts of unstructured data. Often, asset data is so difficult to find or takes so long to retrieve, it can result in critical errors or missed insight that lead to asset failure. Moreover, it places extra strain on limited resources due to wasted time searching for information that should be readily available.

The Solution: Merging Engineering Services with Innovative Technology

To address these challenges, Vysus Group and Antea have forged a partnership that merges the engineering and consulting expertise provided by Vysus Group with the AIM software technology and implementation expertise of Antea. This ensures operators have the support they need at every phase of the journey – making the business case, assessing the best tools required, access to the most feature-rich and technologically advanced AIM software in the world, implementation and training services, and then ongoing support with running and optimizing the software with resources supplied onsite…

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