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How to Bridge the Gap Between Informational Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) for Mechanical Integrity Programs

by by Floyd Baker, VP Antea Americas
Digital Asset Integrity Expert with 40+ Years Industry Experience

Bridging the gap between informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) can be transformational for asset management in process industries. This convergence creates value by integrating all facets of operations into one centralized, collaborative environment, making it possible to automate procedures, improve processes and work-flows, enhance mechanical integrity analytics, reduce operational costs and shutdowns, and improve efficiency. 

With the ability to immediately detect issues and even forecast/trend them and prescribe repairs in advance, the return in value of this convergence is substantial. In fact, those who integrate IT/OT will receive better ROI from digitalization than those who do not.

In this article, which was featured in Inspectioneering Journal, you will learn:

  • What “IT/OT Convergence” is and why it creates value
  • How existing asset integrity management (AIM) platforms can be used to bridge this gap
  • Scalable, smart implementation plans to follow at your own plants and facilities.
asset integrity management (AIM)

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