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Our Story :

The name Antea means “something that came first, prior to the others.” For over 30 years, that is what we have done: pioneer at the forefront of digital innovation for asset integrity management.

It began in 1989, in Italy, when two chemical engineers developed a software tool to solve the paper-based data management problems faced by operating companies that had or needed mechanical integrity programs.

That continued dedication to developing innovative technology evolved and 7 years later, Antea was the first ever to introduce 3D modelling for non-destructive testing (NDT).

Our presence expanded in Europe, then into Asia, Algeria and now with new offices in Canada and the USA.

Today, our highly flexible RBI-driven inspection data management software with digital twin integration protects the investments of customers in oil and gas, chemical, and power plants around the world — and we have never lost a client.

Our History


Becoming Antea

Graphic depicts logo of the company Antea, a provider of asset integrity software, with the number 30, signifying their over 30 years in the business. Young engineers Fernando Verzotto and Domenico Salvà saw the importance of emerging technology early on. After creating their first serious program, Cad-Ser, a program that would document the thickness measured on static pressure equipment, they soon caught the attention of Exxon. Shortly after, the two formed their own company and in 1989, Antea was born.


The First Install

Co-founder of Antea sits poolside in the sun in the early 90s, with a computer on his poolside table, engineering the company's mechanical integrity software. The 1990s held the beginning of Antea’s long success. With Exxon on their side, Antea was quickly able to gain more traction, leading them to create more industry-leading software and continue to build towards the global brand it is today.


Expanding Our Services

Engineers and Antea co-founders stand next to each other wearing suits, smiling as they hold articles recognizing their achievements in mechanical integrity software development. Antea continues to develop unprecedented software for their growing customer base throughout the early 2000s.


Introducing Palladio

Image depicts a speaker on stage in front of a large crowd, meant to depict someone presenting the development of customizable asset integrity management platform, Antea. Antea continues to expand with the evolution of Palladio Suite, a Windows-based platform that offered high-level flexibility and customization. Then as cloud-based platforms began to grow, Palladio followed suit and rebranded to ANTEA™, offering all of the modules in an integrated platform and ensuring a holistic view of the customer’s entire plant.


Antea Introduces RBI Module

A laptop featuring the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) module of Antea asset integrity management software, complete with color-coded 3D twin of a facility and its assets. Antea continues to grow the platform by introducing a Risk-Based Inspection module to allow for customers to perform qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative risk-based analyses of potential failures of their plant.


Bureau Veritas Validated Palladio RBI

Bureau Veritas Validated Palladio RBI Antea announces that Palladio RBI software (rev. 19) has been assessed compliant against API 581 v.2016 methodology by Bureau Veritas. This assessment confirms our efforts in providing our customers with highly efficient tools for the RBI analysis and the most complete and accurate solutions for the Asset Integrity Management.


Antea Opens New Office in Malaysia

Skyscraper in Malaysia in daylight, signifying the expansion of Antea's asset integrity solution delivery into Malaysia. Antea S.r.l. is proud to announce the expansion in South East Asia with the recent opening of an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. South East Asia is emerging as an increasingly vital economic area in the global oil and gas industry.


Antea Makes Moves in North America

Top of a globe from space with North America illuminated, signifying the expansion of Antea's asset integrity solutions into North America. Antea expands to North America with new offices in Canada and the United States.


Going Global

Animation depicts a turning globe against a black background, signifying Antea's continued expansion worldwide. By using new and exciting technologies, Antea plans to continue developing industry-leading software. What’s next for Antea? Stay tuned to find out.

Our Customers

We help owner operators of plants and facilities improve maintenance and reduce risk in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, and refining industries.

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