Calculate Your ROI from Antea Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Software

Use our ROI calculator to quickly determine the return on investment you can expect with our AIM software.

Every software provider promises to save you money – but how many of them calculate the actual ROI you can expect? Our projected ROI calculations are based on proven data from our clients’ experiences with our software.

The savings delivered by the Antea Platform have been proven for over 30 years at plants and facilities of all sizes around the globe. A typical refining or petrochemical plant with a given output of 50,000 barrels per day can and has experienced savings of up to 3.2 million dollars annually with the Antea Platform.

In fact, we’ve had operators receive instant insurance premium reductions of over $50,000 simply by proving that Antea RBI was in use at their facility.

How much could your company expect to save on an annual basis?

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