Fast, Affordable Digital Transformation

Achieve digital transformation with faster implementation and lower cost of entry than any other AIM provider on the market – thanks to intelligent software that automates the process.


We locate, prioritize, and extract all legacy asset data from disparate sources and then automatically populate it into one web-based database.


We bidirectionally link Smart 2 P&IDs, PFDs, plot plans, maps, 3D models and 3D Point Cloud data (from which we can create a digital twin).


From there, we generate a virtual replica of your plant from which you can simply click on any asset of interest and immediately view or update its data – maintaining a single version of the truth.

Our data management teams are situated around the world for rapid support in Europe, Canada, USA, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Data Consulting

Data migration and extraction
3D modeling


Data Integration

API Library
Technical Integration Support
Seamless integration to CMMS: EAM, SAP, etc.
Seamless Integration to Historian
Integrate to Remote Sensors


Data support

Tailored strategies for maximum ROI
Dedicated Global Support
IT Personnel and End-User Support