Fast, Affordable Digital Transformation

Achieve digital transformation with faster implementation and lower cost of entry than any other AIM provider on the market – thanks to intelligent software that automates the process.


We locate, prioritize, and extract all legacy asset data from disparate sources and then automatically populate it into one web-based database.


We bidirectionally link Smart 2 P&IDs, PFDs, plot plans, maps, 3D models and 3D Point Cloud data (from which we can create a digital twin).


From there, we generate a virtual replica of your plant from which you can simply click on any asset of interest and immediately view or update its data – maintaining a single version of the truth.

Our data management teams are situated around the world for rapid support in Europe, Canada, USA, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Data Consulting

  • Data migration and extraction
  • 3D modeling
  • CAD P,IDs

Data Integration

  • API Library
  • Technical Integration Support
  • Seamless integration to CMMS: EAM, SAP, etc.
  • Seamless Integration to Historian
  • Integrate to Remote Sensors

Data support

  • Tailored strategies for maximum ROI
  • Dedicated Global Support
  • IT Personnel and End-User Support