What is Root Cause Analysis – RCA?

Root cause analysis involves analyzing the malfunctions that have occurred with an asset and ascertaining the root cause of the problem in order to prevent a repeat occurrence.

While the main goal of asset integrity management is to prevent asset failure, sometimes those failures still occur. When they do, it is crucial to quickly understand how and why the failure occurred – and then prevent it from happening again.


Prevent Asset Failure with Antea RCA

Antea RCA module delivers instant access to all critical information surrounding the malfunction or error. We then analyze the issue for you until the root cause has been determined and generate a list of useful and actionable items uniquely configured to the circumstance at hand – preventing the same issue from reoccurring in the future.

Antea RCA enables you to track the entire analysis process and manage all work as it progresses. Then, you can resume the priority of proactive, predictive prevention.


Combine it with Antea risk based inspection (RBI) to prioritize scheduling according to risk. This improves risk mitigation, prevents unplanned shutdown and supports API 580 & 581.

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