Our in-house team of experts and engineers has developed an asset integrity software with complete configurability – empowering you with choice.


Antea Web AIM software provides the most comprehensive, feature-rich assortment of modules to ensure all of your operational and mechanical integrity requirements can be integrated into a single digital database.

Forget wasted resources spent manually tracking assets. We contextualize all asset data into a single version of the truth so you can identify critical items immediately and adopt an approach of predictive maintenance. All while improving the safety, health, and profitability of your daily operations.

Combine All Tools Into One for Complete Visualization

Our range of comprehensive modules includes risk based inspection (RBI), inspection data management system (IDMS), pipeline integrity management software (PIMS), integrity operating windows (IOW), and many more — all integrating seamlessly as part of Antea Web and complete with digital twin visualization.

This improves regulatory compliance and readiness for audits to standards such as American Petroleum Institute (API), ISO, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and so on.

Choose any combination of modules according to the scale and needs of your organization. We’re here to help assess your assets and business objectives for optimal solution tailoring.

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