Electrical & instrumentation asset management tailored to E&I assets — including power cables, sensors, instruments, displays, switches and more.

Keep tabs on all electrical & instrumental components within your plant with a dedicated asset integrity management module that centralizes access with complete 3D digital twin visualization.

Follow power connections to trace which engines are powered by which substations. Monitor electrical paths and the components involved. Organize and manage calibrations for assured confidence that the instruments are working safely and efficiently.

Antea E&I module extends the value of our digital, centralized and integrated asset integrity management database with tailored inspection, reporting and scheduling features specific to electrical and instrumentation assets.

Combine it with any number of other available modules like Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Inspection Data Management System (IDMS), or more for an end-to-end mechanical integrity software solution that delivers a single version of the truth across all sites.

Learn more about our data management services to discover options for onsite and remote resource deployment to keep your database optimized while freeing up resources for more critical tasks.

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