Improve Firefighting and Safety Asset Management

Make critical improvements to workplace safety and keep employees safe from disaster with this dedicated asset integrity module for firefighting and safety systems.

Visualize and access all data for assets like extinguishers, monitors, fire detection and water extinguishing systems.

View the entire system on a topographical map, click on any asset of interest, and immediately access the full history or inspection scheduling. Organize datasheets easily and optimize inspections with 3D scans.

Antea Firefighting & Safety module extends the value of our asset integrity management software with 3D digital twin with a comprehensive module dedicated to handling the inspections, reporting, scheduling and asset management unique to firefighting and safety equipment.

Combine it with any number of other available modules like Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Inspection Data Management System (IDMS), or more for an end-to-end mechanical integrity software solution that delivers a single version of the truth across all sites.

Learn more about our data management services to discover options for onsite and remote resource deployment to keep your database optimized while freeing up resources for more critical tasks.

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