Optimize Mechanical Integrity with Tailored Training

Instructor-led asset integrity training inside a sunlit room with large windows.

Empower your team with comprehensive asset integrity training, delivered onsite or remotely at your convenience.

The best way to maximize return on investment on your risk based inspection (RBI) program or asset integrity management (AIM) software is to ensure that users know how to use it – including best practices for optimal performance.

When end-users are unfamiliar with a program’s features or best practices, it can lead to inefficiencies and errors that are otherwise easily avoided.

Our training options are available onsite, online, and via remote sessions to deliver flexible options for today’s climate.

Onsite Training Programs

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of industry best practices in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Pipeline industries. They bring decades of experience to our asset integrity management courses, which are designed to educate users on common industry challenges and how to respond to them effectively.

We specialize training focuses according to roles, which ensures each team member is equipped with knowledge optimized to their workflow. This improves the overall operations, maintenance, and reliability of the whole site.

The mobile capabilities and connectivity to wearable technology of our software enable remote collaboration and assistance. This makes it possible to deliver powerful on-the-job training with real-time guidance from subject matter experts.

Users will come away with a better understanding of how to manage equipment inspections and scheduling, detect corrosion, conduct risk assessments, complete reports, and optimize database management.

Online Training

Antea Academy is our comprehensive catalogue of remote learning curriculum designed to improve the efficacy of mechanical integrity programs. The curriculum was designed by industry experts with decades of asset integrity management experience. It includes over 50 interactive walkthroughs for comprehensive education in an easily digestible, online format. Concept checks and tracking are included to meaningfully measure a learner’s progress.

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