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How to Turn Stagnant Asset Data into Predictive Analytics

The Digital Transformation Series of the Antea Blog examines strategies to help you formulate a journey map for digital transformation. The series will include articles on: The Role of IIoT [...]

IIoT for Asset Integrity Management: Digital Transformation Series

Digital transformation. In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, the concept of digital transformation for asset-intensive plants and facilities is no longer just a novel concept – it is a necessity. [...]

How to Achieve Regulatory Compliance with AIM Software

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of asset management for operators in asset-intensive industries – including oil & gas, power generation, chemical, nuclear, and even pharmaceutical. It is an essential [...]

What is Digital Twin 2.0?

Digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical asset that allows engineers and inspectors to monitor, predict, and optimize its performance in real-time. By integrating sensors, machine learning algorithms, […]

How to Achieve Predictive Corrosion Management with AIM Software

What is predictive corrosion management (PCM)? Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) makes it possible for operators in process industries to continuously monitor the corrosion status of their assets with installed sensors. […]

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