Our Philosophy

Our driving philosophy is simple: help our clients achieve a sustainable asset integrity database in a way that protects and maximizes their return on investment. This ongoing dedication to quality has been the key value we deliver that drives our 100% customer retention.

Proven Reliability

Antea delivers the most sustainable, digitally innovative asset integrity management solution on the market. Simply put: We’ll give you the most advanced, integrated, risk based inspection (RBI) driven, 2D, 3D and digital twin capable platform for your mechanical integrity needs at an affordable price. In fact, we will even help maintain your database to keep all data current and digital for future intelligence if desired.

Our Approach

  • Level 1: Create Asset Registry

    • Driven by the P&IDs associated with any facility, we create a comprehensive asset registry, compare it to existing legacy data, and import all technical data associated with critical assets (resolving any conflicts). This process creates intelligent 2D P&IDs, PDFs, plot plans and even Google Maps.
  • Level 2: Secure Sustainable Database

    • We enrich the asset registry with inspection information, 3D modelling, maintenance and analytical processing utilizing AIM, RBI, FFS, IOW, and other methodologies.
  • Level 3: Digital Twin

    • We were the first to introduce 3D modelling in this sector and we remain ahead of the curve with our unmatched Digital Twin. We deliver a digital representation of your assets that can be visualized remotely from anywhere.
  • Level 4: Engineering Focus

    • Antea’s focus has never failed to include the efforts of operations, inspections, and any multitude of other departments. Our entire focus is engineering digital solutions for asset integrity management. This translates to exclusive methodologies that cannot be replicated elsewhere and are always the first to market.