What is a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)?

Pipeline assets are complex to manage and can be catastrophic if they fail, which is why quick access to data is key at every stage of the pipeline lifecycle – from preconstruction through to operations and into decommissioning.

A pipeline integrity management system manages a pipeline’s inspections, maintenance, corrosion monitoring, pressure testing, discontinuity and soil evaluations, and more – all while ensuring adherence to stringent and constantly evolving regulations on pipeline operations.

Experience Unparalleled Visualization into Pipeline Health with Antea PIMS

Antea PIMS will collect and centralize all operations performed before and after pipeline laying, providing complete management of your onshore and offshore assets. Then, it goes a step beyond other PIMS tools on the market by leveraging 3D digital twin for a complete visual context of your pipelines.

View the live condition of your assets – including geographic presentation of geophysical data, video inspections, bathymetric data – from directly within the software. This provides you with instant insight, empowering you to make immediate decisions and save substantial time and resources.

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