Environmental Impact

We understand the need for operators in process industries to reduce their carbon emissions and strive toward a goal of net zero. Our solutions help you work toward these objectives in a multitude of ways:

  • Preventing catastrophic equipment failure. The predictive maintenance and intelligent risk mitigation that our software delivers helps prevent catastrophic events. This reduces detrimental environmental and safety impacts to surrounding communities.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We partner with net-zero companies and align our solutions within their proven frameworks for regulatory compliance with the
    EPA. Our solutions are rigorously designed for seamless compliance to applicable safety, cyber security, and environmental standards.
  • Fewer resources deployed to hazardous environments. With digital twin and mobile capabilities, our tools make it possible for you to digitize processes and workflows. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of excess travel and risk associated with resources onsite in hazardous settings.
  • Substantial reduction in paper usage. Digitizing processes eliminates the endless binder’s boxes of paper reports and documentation.
Environmental Responsibility banner -- sunny day picture of a green corn field with a faraway shot of a refinery in the distance

Cyber Security

We also understand apprehension toward digital processes and the vulnerability to threat that such a large online surface could implicate. We prioritize impenetrable cyber security and are currently nearing certification to ISO 27001 Cyber Security standard for assurance that your data is protected.

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