What is an Inspection Data Management System – IDMS?

An Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) is a software designed to collect, store, manage and analyze data generated from the inspection and testing of equipment or assets in an industrial plant.

Process industries manage large amounts of asset data for a vast array of complex asset types. This includes legacy data, history, inspection, scheduling, corrosion, maintenance, and repair information for each piece of equipment.

Often, this data is unstructured and located in disparate sources that make it difficult to locate. As a result, it can take a long time to retrieve. This becomes exacerbated when facilities have more than one site and manage each site’s data in silos.

These information silos can create critical errors when key business decisions are being made on outdated information, or when alerts are received too late to prevent shutdown. As a result, regulatory compliance becomes challenging due to lack of current, accurate data readily available.

An effective inspection data management software or system eliminates these issues by centralizing all asset data into one digital database.

Optimize Inspection Planning with Antea IDMS

Imagine a virtual replica of your plant. All assets of all types in one digital twin representation. To access all past and current data on an asset, you simply zoom to the equipment of interest and click on it – once. That’s Antea IDMS.

Antea IDMS is the most comprehensive inspection data management software in the industry. It is trusted by operators of all sizes, from single to multi-site, around the world. It is the only IDMS software that bidirectionally links all data for each asset – PFDs, 2D, 3D, point cloud data, laser mapping, geographical, maps, etc. – and overlays it onto a digital twin replica of each asset and the entire facility.

When paired with Antea RBI (Risk Based Inspection), it delivers instant visualization of the risk level throughout the plant. Because it is web-based and compatible with advanced mobile technology, it allows you to access and manage data from anywhere. This includes instant updates from the field. It delivers real-time data for instant access to actionable intelligence.

Monitor corrosion, chemical injection points, cathodic protection measurements, inspection scheduling and more for hundreds of different asset types – fixed or rotating, pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, pressure safety valves – from one central web-based platform.


Manage all equipment, datasheets, inspection reports and more using color-coded 3D models


Contextualized visualization of the entire plant and each asset within it via 3D Digital Twin.


Rapidly generate inspection or engineering maintenance reports at any time.


Effortlessly view or create scheduling for inspections or routine maintenance.

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