Customize Risk Based Inspection Methodologies according to Asset Type

Risk assessment software enables you to customize risk based inspection (RBI) methodologies. RBI is an excellent tool for mitigating risk and preventing unplanned shutdowns.

By evaluating an asset’s Likelihood of Failure (LoF) vs. its Consequence of Failure (CoF), RBI makes it possible to prioritize inspection scheduling and maintenance budgets according to the equipment most at risk of failure. Simultaneously, it helps spare you excess inspection costs on assets that don’t require it.

Elevate RBI with Antea Risk Assessment

The Antea Risk Assessment module elevates the power of RBI to a new level by empowering you with the ability to customize an RBI methodology according to a specific asset type.

Calculate risk levels according to customized rules that you assign for selected assets. Define threats and organize them into hierarchal categories for smart and simple risk mitigation. Then, automate inspection plans for the assets according to parameters set – all in a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate.

Visualize the risk levels throughout your plant with Antea’s 3D digital twin. It bidirectionally links all asset data into a virtual replica of your plant.

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