Utilize intelligent asset integrity software with 3D Digital Twin in the greenfield design, construction and commissioning phases to develop a “Smart Plant” from the ground up.


Being able to establish digitalized processes from the plant’s inception delivers an opportunity for substantial cost savings versus a brownfield plant trying to restructure existing processes.



Complex, asset-intensive plants must meet stringent regulatory requirements that require them to provide auditable reporting and proof of fitness of the assets.This requires visibility into asset health, the ability to prudently plan inspections and maintenance and the ability to adhere to regulatory compliance.

  • Data can be difficult and time consuming to find
  • Information silos lead to critical errors in planning
  • Implementing technology that allows assets to communicate their conditions is more costly in brownfield plants



Greenfield Smart PlantAchieve the benefits of Industry 4.0 asset management technologies by working them into the design and construction stages at reduced investment. By designing a Smart Plant to begin with, companies can avoid the cost of retrofitting later — before the equipment is aging and data is harder to mine.

  • Install corrosion sensors under insulation before installation.
  • Improve safety of construction phase with computer vision.
  • Create a Digital Twin of the plant as it is built.
  • Centralize all inspection, maintenance, and planning data
    in a digital asset integrity management (AIM) platform.
  • Seamless regulatory compliance with major global standards including API, ASME, OSHA, ESG, and ISO.
  • Bidirectionally link all data sources including SAP, EAM,
    CMMS, Maximo for a single version of the truth.
  • Reduce incidents up to 77% with globally validated Risk
    Based Inspection (RBI) software for API 580/581.


“The advantage for new plants is the clean slate from which they are designed, modeled, and engineered for reliability. Industry 4.0 greenfield smart factories are digitalized from the ground up. They have an open IIoT architecture that is standards-based, interoperable, extensible, scalable, and adaptable to new and inevitably improving technologies.” – How Digital Greenfield Projects Can Pave the Way for Brownfield Success

Antea AIM software is fully customizable, allowing you to design functionality that aligns with your processes from the beginning and into sustainable operations.

  • Digitalize plant documentation from 2D to 3D, utilizing Point Cloud and Digital Twin for real-time visualization.
  • Reduce analysis time while enhancing decision making processes with real-time access to actionable intelligence.
  • Intuitive user experience and thorough training/data management support for effective use of software.
  • Intelligent analytics make it possible to achieve predictive
    maintenance and predictive corrosion management.



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