Graphic depicting oil & gas case study details

Case Study Oil & Gas | A major refinery operator lacked a centralized or integrated solution to manage all departments. They were managing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) in a silo and did not have an inspection data management software (IDMS) at all. As a result, they sought a digital software that could manage both RBI and IDMS from the same platform.


Because of the multiple systems in place, and a lack of comprehensive IDMS, the company experienced information silos and workflow inefficiencies. These led to wasted time and costs, as well as increased vulnerability to unplanned shutdowns and equipment failure.

They chose Antea Web AIM software with RBI and IDMS as the ideal solution due to: 

  • The way it integrated IDMS with RBI into a single, unique platform. This allowed both the inspection team and RBI team to work together and refer to the same data.
  • The ability to configure software functionality according to the company’s workflow.
  • Seamless connectivity with other software the company uses, further eliminating information silos and centralizing all data into one place.
  • Antea’s complete support, including a step-by-step software implementation plan with the purpose of integrating the new features gradually.
  • Ongoing training and data loading support to optimize the ROI.


This case study determined that as a result, the company experienced the following benefits:

  • User friendly software populated by all the team
  • Time and resources savings due to timely and effective support from Antea
  • Flexibility to tailor the software to their workflows and needs as they go
  • Instant access to current, accurate inspection and RBI data
  • Contextual visualization of the live conditions of all assets with 3D digital twin
  • Better control and oversight over planning, maintenance and reliability
  • Reduced vulnerability to risk

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