Petrochemical Case Study | Overview

The client is a leader in the chemical industry with annual revenue of $5.5 billion and 5,000 employees. They sought to improve their compliance, infrastructure for inspections and maintenance, and cyber security. Different sites were using different software tools for different purposes of inspections and maintenance. As a result, they experienced information silos, redundancies, and inefficiencies with operations. They also were at heightened risk of equipment failure or unplanned shutdown.

In addition, the infrastructure being used was outdated and not compliant with cyber security. A more technologically advanced solution with enhanced cyber security was critical.


With data being difficult to locate or access and scattered across disparate sources between the different sites and departments, the company was wasting significant time and resources trying to glean intelligence from their data. Outdated and unsecured infrastructure was exposing the company to undue threat that could result in substantial shutdown or liability costs. The challenge included:

  • Lack of integration between existing tools, and too many being used
  • Information silos
  • Lack of cybersecurity
  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Increased risk of cyber threat and/or equipment failure

The aim of this project is the realization of an integrated platform for asset integrity management. Antea Web (formerly Palladio) offers a combination of expertise in storing the existing assets and the performance of inspection and maintenance activities directly onsite adopting mobile solutions. Its seamless connectivity with SAP, CMMS, ERP and other legacy systems made it possible to manage all data in one digital database for a single version of the truth. Antea is currently undergoing certification application for ISO 27001 standards for Cyber Security. The software infrastructure is technologically advanced with complete 3D modeling and digital twin for visualization of asset conditions in real-time.

The client had previous experience at other sites using Antea’s solutions and thus was confident in their suitability to meet this challenge. The solution includes:

  • Antea AIM software with SAP and IP21 Integration
  • Functionality tailored to the company’s workflows
  • Data collection, analysis, migration & management
  • Training and support for users on site
  • Implementation guidance & support
  • Optimization: Minimizing the amount of information needed to create a functional location in SAP by saving some redundant information at site level


As a result, the company has experienced and can expect to continue to reap the following benefits:

  • Ensuring a more advanced and enhanced performance;
  • Reducing waste of time and resources;
  • Continuously improving company activities;
  • Decision-making based on reliable and real-time data;
  • Centralizing data-models-documents on a single platform;
  • Accessing to the real-time information with a simple internet connection;
  • Reducing miscommunication by using one single platform and improving the safety onsite;
  • Improving quality of data by using mobile applications and reducing errors;
  • Reducing reporting time. The inspection process typically requires 40% of time dedicated to generating inspection reports. This time will be significantly reduced thanks to the automized workflow and the use of mobile solutions;
  • Reducing downtimes by optimizing the inspection and maintenance cycles with one integrated platform (IDMS, RBI data, SAP data, sensors data).

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