Our Services

Onboarding & Data Migration

Customer Success Training

3D Modeling Through Laser Scanning

To transform volumes of complex data into usable and easily understandable information, Antea provides a unique integration service based on 3D virtual models, displaying the as-is status of the System. The result of this service for our customers is that they obtain an easily searchable environment, thanks to proprietary tools, indexed by the content of P&ID and plants.

Document Analysis & Reorganization

As the “Technical Document Management” allows managing the great number of technical documents found within the system and their update, the Antea staff can provide document analysis, scanning and upload services.

Data Extraction

With the use of its tools, Antea offers a data extraction and cataloging service. The items in P&ID are first acquired to be organized and cataloged according to their nature (equipment, lines, PSV, tool, machinery); these structured lists can be used to transfer data to the most frequently used CMMS.

Data Loading

Software without data is like an empty box. To carry out data loading and/or data extraction from other environments, Antea has numerous tools to support the customer during the initial data loading or data update stage. Antea can start semi-automatic data imports for records, deadlines or other purposes from Excel files.