A Primer on Digital Twins

This eBook provides a detailed understanding of digital twin technology. You will learn what it is, when it originated, how it can be leveraged for asset integrity management, and where it is headed in the future. Written by Floyd Baker, VP of Antea Americas, who has 40 years’ specialization in AIM and digitalization technologies. Featured by Inspectioneering, this eBook provides an in-depth look at the ways digital twin can be leveraged for prolonged asset lifecycles, reduced inspection and maintenance costs, and rapidly improved profitability.

In the world of predictive maintenance and mechanical integrity management, digital twin technology can be used to create an exact virtual replica of an entire plant or facility, each individual asset within it, and each component of those assets. This enables real-time visualization of an asset’s condition and historical data, as well as simulations that can support decision making about how an asset or system is performing. Regarding future asset intelligence, digital twin technology also lays the groundwork to enable artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What you will learn:

The history, development, and different types of digital twin technology;

  • Industry-specific applications and strategies;
  • How it transforms predictive maintenance for asset integrity;
  • How to leverage it for substantial time and cost savings; and
  • Future applications of digital twin – including incredible new technological developments!
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The global market for digital twins is expected to grow 38% annually to reach $16 billion by 2023.

Deloitte, Expecting Digital Twins

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An Owner-Operator’s Guide to Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation

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