Asset integrity management from your mobile device

Antea Mobile delivers more efficient and versatile methods of accessing actionable intelligence. Enhance your asset integrity management (AIM) and risk based inspection (RBI) programs with mobile access to data and remote collaboration between team members – requiring fewer onsite resources to achieve optimal maintenance results.

Our series of mobile apps and synchronicity with wearable devices mean that you can not only access your data on the go; you can also influence asset data, provide remote assistance to technicians on the field, and collaborate remotely for timely decision making and more proactive maintenance.

Mobile Applications

  • Antea Mobile – Hands-free inspection reporting. Remote assistance for enhanced assessments and rapid training. Remote collaboration between those in the office and technicians at the asset in real-time. These are some of the benefits offered by Connected Worker, Antea’s collaborative partnership that combines AIM software with wearable devices.
  • Asset Tracking – What if you could scan a QR code and instantly have all integrity information for an asset pop up? With Asset Tracker, you can. Simply scan a QR code and access all maintenance history, search and add items to the asset registry, or associate position via GPS sensor.
  • Operator Rounds – Provide on-field operators the ability to view their work list, execute visual operations, and then upload the data directly to your database via mobile.
  • T Data – Perform accurate thickness inspections on the go and then seamlessly upload all of the results directly into the asset integrity database – all from your phone or tablet.
  • Anomalies – Register anomalies and findings on plant assets with a detailed description, priority, and any other relevant information. These anomalies are registered as standalone events to ensure that they are monitored, recorded, and reported both within and separately from the inspection report. Anomalies are then automatically loaded into the Antea database for the relevant asset.
Graphic depicting the four dimensions of mobility for asset integrity management (AIM).

Navigate your entire plant’s assets from your cellphone or tablet. View data, attachments, schedules, and all pertinent information for each asset via 3D contextualization of the plant and the assets within it.

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Augmented Reality

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