Antea and Clean Connect Reveal “Digital Twin 2.0” for Autonomous Visual Inspection and Leak Detection Within Asset Integrity Software

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Houston, Texas.| Antea, a global leader in innovative risk-based asset integrity management (AIM) software with 3D digital twin, has forged a technology partnership with Clean Connect AI, a provider of Energy AI and computer vision to help oil and gas companies produce clean energy and automate HSE, ESG and operations. This groundbreaking partnership elevates asset integrity digital twin technology by adding automated, AI-assisted continuous visual inspection, operations, leak detection and repair (LDAR). This combined offering also helps operators produce clean energy, reduce carbon footprints, and adhere to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

“This partnership is one that we have been working on for quite some time. It brings OSHA’s PSM rule and EPA’s RMP rule into the same space, in the most digital Industry 4.0 fashion,” says Floyd Baker, VP Antea North America. “It introduces AI to the industry in a way that is unparalleled to any platform that I know of today. This partnership paves the way for the next generation of AIM, reliability, safety, and environmental responsibility. We are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to our industry.”

For the first time, operators in process industries can utilize “Digital Twin 2.0” – which combines original digital twin imaging with real-time computer vision — for unprecedented visual insight, substantial time and cost savings, and automated processes. With this partnership, Antea’s globally proven risk-based AIM software will deliver new capabilities to operators. These include continuous visual leak detection and quantification, non-invasive tank level monitoring, hardhat detection, integration with SCADA, ECD detection, fire and smoke detection, and more.

This partnership will help oil & gas operators enhance predictive maintenance, prolong asset lifecycles, reduce time and resources required for inspections and operations, avoid catastrophic failure, improve regulatory compliance and environmental footprints, and generally provide an unparalleled level of real-time autonomous monitoring to their mechanical integrity programs.

For more information about Clean Connect AI’s autonomous visual inspection technologies, visit:

About Antea
Antea specializes in highly flexible RBI-driven asset integrity management software solutions with 3D digital twin integration. Since 1989, Antea has supplied services with highly flexible software to ensure that businesses are equipped with the most advanced technologies. The company’s philosophy is built around delivering a sustainable database at the forefront of digital innovation in an economically feasible way. Protecting clients’ investments is paramount.

About Clean Connect

Clean Connect AI is a SaaS-based technology provider focused on leveraging vision systems to create autonomous operations in the energy industry. By delivering a full suite of applications, ranging from gas detection/quantification, non-intrusive tank level, liquid leak detection, flame/smoke detection, and other safety applications, Clean Connect can deliver increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower costs to operations and ESG. Clean Connect AI stacks additional value by providing producers the ability to prove their emissions inventory with creating an immutable chain to prove their methane and emissions intensity. Clean Connect is the only government certified solution on the market which allows producers to replace their manual LDAR inspections with continuous, autonomous inspection, inventory and reporting enabling the ability for operators to truly manage-by-exception. Enabling the entire Autonomous365 Suite unlocks autonomous operations.

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