Antea and CorrosionRADAR Announce a Collaboration for Offering Predictive Analytics in Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Management

Houston, Texas.  February 8, 2023. | Antea, a global leader in risk-based AIM software with 3D digital twin, has forged a technology collaboration with CorrosionRADAR, which provides a leading indicator of corrosion under insulation (CUI) through their CUI Monitoring technology. The collaboration integrates real-time corrosion monitoring technology with AIM software to enable predictive corrosion management (PCM) for operators in process and oil and gas industries.

CorrosionRADAR’s patented technology can continuously monitor, detect, and localize corrosion and moisture under any type of insulation, even in inaccessible and inhospitable locations. It is also congruent with assets that have complex geometries and operate in extreme temperatures. The data from this technology is then fed into Antea’s AIM and inspection data management software (IDMS) with risk-based inspection (RBI) capabilities, where it is used to optimize inspection and maintenance planning according to the corrosion data detected.

Owner-operators of asset-intensive plants can leverage this collaboration to reduce inspection and maintenance costs by up to 65%, reduce the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns, and significantly increase the efficacy of their inspection plans. With Antea’s contextualized digital twin visualizations, operators can instantly access and remotely monitor the external corrosion status of their assets in near real time.

“The most important component of our client’s success is ensuring that each operator has access to the right technology to support their unique needs,” said Floyd Baker, Vice President of Antea Americas. “We know that introducing a cohesive technical solution is made possible by synergies with technology partners like CorrosionRADAR. With this focus on our customers’ success, Antea and CorrosionRADAR can bring these new and groundbreaking innovations to the industry in a way that creates the greatest value. We develop technology, not just for the sake of technology, but for the value it creates for the industries we serve.”

Dr Prafull Sharma, CorrosionRADAR’s Chief Technology Officer commented ‘’CorrosionRADAR is excited to collaborate with Antea on their AIM and inspection data management software (IDMS) where the data detected from our sensing system and predictive analytics will be displayed. This collaboration brings together two innovative technologies which not only creates value but also generates accessible and reliable data for the end-user.’’

For more information about Antea’s AIM and inspection data management solutions with a digital twin, visit:

For more information about CorrosionRADAR’s technology for corrosion and moisture monitoring, visit:


About Antea

Antea specializes in highly flexible RBI-driven asset integrity management software solutions with 3D digital twin and mobility. Since 1989, Antea has facilitated digital transformation for operators of process plants in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries worldwide. The company’s innovative engineering and IoT technologies deliver one-click access to intelligent asset data for improved maintenance, reliability, and risk mitigation. Antea solutions are backed by data management services for complete support from implementation through to sustainable operations.


About CorrosionRADAR

CorrosionRADAR enables data-driven asset integrity management through its CUI Monitoring technology that can detect Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Founded in 2017, CorrosionRADAR have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry. CorrosionRADAR’s monitoring systems not only help move away from reactive inspection to predictive monitoring but with the remote monitoring assurance, it provides the capabilities of extending the assets life.

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